Scientific Challenges

The cmRNAbone project proposes significant advances in the field of regenerative therapy for bone defect and osteoporosis, focusing on four major challenges:

  1. The development of chemically modified RNA encoding specific proteins targeting neurogenesis, vasculogenesis and osteogenesis
  2. The development of adequate vectors for the delivery of single and combined cmRNAs developed within a biomaterial matrix
  3. The development of an adequate biomaterial formulation that can be loaded and release cmRNA vectors and has the ability to be processed using a customised additive manufacturing technology
  4. The combination and optimisation of all of the above, such as the dosage and ratio of cmRNAs, loading of cmRNA vectors in biomaterial ink, 3D-printing for the delivery

These challenges will be confronted by a strong collaborative R&D effort. The planned collaboration will allow for the comparison and exchange of advanced and commercially relevant therapeutic tools developed by the respective internationally recognised research groups and SMEs involved. The new findings will be applied in two parallel pre-clinical studies that will be used to demonstrate clinical relevance and validity of the designed therapeutic in critical size and osteoporotic bone defects. The planned exchanges of materials and cross-collaboration, the clinical and scientific advisory boards as well as the special focus toward the exploitation of the findings of the cmRNAbone project will ensure facile and rapid translation to the clinic beyond the end of the project.